Six Young Creatives You Need to Know About

Collage by Josephine Sherwood
The prevailing media discourse about millennials is…disheartening to say the least. We can’t get on the property ladder. London is becoming increasingly more expensive and inaccessible to us. On top of all that, apparently we’re all lazy, selfie-snapping narcissists who speak to each other exclusively in internet acronyms. Right. 
Despite hearing all of these damning things about my age group and the sociopolitical climate in which we’re living, every time I scroll through my social media feeds I feel inspired. I’m seeing young people take initiative, play by their own rules and create. Armed with cameras, keyboards and bagfuls of drive and determination, they are killin’ it. 
So, without further ado, here are my top 6 young creatives you need to check out...

Jamie Windust – Fashion and LGBTQIA+ blogger, 19 

All images sourced from @leopardprintelephant on Instagram 
I came across Jamie’s Instagram a few months ago and was blown away by their talent for styling. I had gone through a period of feeling somewhat disillusioned with fashion and hadn’t felt particularly inspired by anything for a long time. Reading Jamie’s blog changed that in an instance. They represent exactly what fashion should celebrate: unconventionality, irreverence, being unafraid to push boundaries and, most importantly, fun. When you open Jamie’s Instagram, you are greeted with an explosion of colour and a maximalist, New Romantic flair which takes a very refined creative eye to pull off. What makes Jamie particularly distinguishable as a fashion blogger is their ability to discuss the wider sociological and political climate in which the industry is operating. From chic look-books to thoughtful articles exploring the concept of gender constructs, Jamie’s blog covers it all. I predict big things from them. 
 Jamie’s blog:
Jamie’s Instagram: @leopardprintelephant

Meg Says – Video Maker and Writer, 23

All images sourced from @megsays_ on Instagram 

Meg started her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog in 2013 and created a Youtube channel shortly after. Since then, her success has skyrocketed (at the time of writing this she has almost 65,000 subscribers) and in 2016 she was given the prestigious InStyle Rising Star award. Meg started blogging full-time following her diagnosis of ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) in her first year of university which sadly forced her to take a leave of absence from her degree course. Despite encountering debilitating obstacles, Meg has independently forged her own path of success and has created what I can only describe as an immensely uplifting, positive and aesthetically pleasing corner of the internet. Pour yourself a cuppa, cosy up on the sofa and check out her channel! 

Meg’s Youtube: Meg Says

Meg’s Blog:

Meg’s Instagram: @megsays_

Polly Vadasz – Illustrator and Founder of Sighh Designs, 21 

All images sourced from @pollyvdsz and on Instagram 
When Polly was 15, she started uploading her drawings onto Instagram. After selling phone cases on Etsy and receiving positive feedback, she founded her own business – Sighh Designs. is a veritable treasure trove of quirky, endearing products; from enamel pins and tote bags to homeware and stationary. Polly has amassed a loyal and engaged social media following which would be the envy of any creative business – she has 13.5k and 35.6k followers on Twitter and Instagram respectively. On top of running an online shop, she is also in the midst of completing a degree in Illustration AND manages to find the time to concoct delicious recipes which she occasionally blogs about. Talk about subverting the ‘lazy student’ stereotype or what, eh?! If you want to support a fantastic small business or are in dire need of rediscovering your work ethic, check out Sighh and Polly’s blog for a healthy dose of motivation.
Polly’s shop:
Polly’s Instagram: @pollyvdsz

Rosie Hardy – Photographer, 25 

All images sourced from @georgiarosehardy on Instagram
If I could describe Rosie Hardy’s work in one word it would be ‘spellbinding’. Her photographs have a graceful, dreamlike quality which evoke fairy tales and a sense of wonder. With an Instagram following of over 91k, Rosie’s creative eye and stunning composition skills have rightfully gained increasing attention and she has worked with the likes of Elle magazine SA, The Telegraph and Pandora. 
Her work does the talking. Get lost in a fantasy world and browse her Instagram here: @georgiarosehardy
Rosie’s website:

  Lucy Moon – Video Maker, 22 

All images sourced from @meowitslucy on Instagram 

I have been watching Lucy’s Youtube videos for many years and have seen her go from strength to strength. She creates an array of deliciously creative content which has captured the hearts of nearly 219,000 subscribers, such as spoken word poetry, music, advice videos and stop motion shorts. What I love about Lucy’s videos is that they have an instantly recognisable visual style that is unique to her. This is particularly evident in her weekly vlog series, ‘168 Hours’, which showcases her slick editing skills and natural propensity for capturing the beautiful moments in every day life. 

Check out her fabulous channel here:Lucy Moon

Lucy’s Instagram: @meowitslucy

Rupi Kaur – Poet and Performer,  24 

All images sourced from @rupikaur_ on Instagram 
If you’re anything like me and spend a lot of time idly scrolling through Tumblr, you will have likely stumbled upon Rupi Kaur’s work. Rupi’s poetry and prose has gained considerable traction online for its raw, bittersweet themes and her debut anthology ‘Milk and Honey’ is rapidly becoming an international best-seller. She manages to articulate complex, difficult topics such as love, loss, abuse and femininity in hard-hitting free verse.
Check out her work on Instagram: @rupikaur_
Writing this post has been such a welcome reminder that with enough passion and nerve, anything is possible (lol, cringe, I know). Although obstacles and limitations are part of life, creativity is something that can never be hampered.
Josephine x

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