How to Get Out of a Creative Drought

Image Source: Unsplash – Florian Klauer

Ever get those days where your head feels like a laggy computer? Every time you wrack your brains for a creative idea you’re just met with an internal ‘Error 404 – page not found’ message. Unlike an unresponsive computer, however, you can’t turn yourself off and on again and hope to miraculously solve the problem (if only…). You’ve gotta power through the mental blockage and turn to outside influences to get the creative juices flowing once again. Here are some of my favourites…

Mood Boards

Assembling images which evoke a particular ‘mood’ is a surprisingly easy way to trigger a creative spell. Whether you want to set yourself up on the kitchen table with some magazine cuttings or simply mess around on Pinterest, creating a mood-board makes you feel instantly more inspired. Even if you don’t have a Eureka moment, you’ve got more to show for yourself than a blank page. As soon as you break the habit of procrastination and begin the process of creative output, however basic that may be, it gets much easier. 


It sounds like an obvious one, but in a day and age when we have iPhones and literally everything at our fingertips, it’s easy to neglect the magic powers of books. Every now and again it’s healthy to ditch the screens and absorb yourself in a good story. Whenever I feel about as uninspired as a bowl of cold porridge, I like to get lost in the eccentric worlds of Neil Gaiman or Angela Carter. Non-fiction is a great source of inspiration, too. On top of my chest of drawers I have several fat hardbacks which chronicle work from the likes of Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen and Coco Chanel. Every so often I like to flip through them with a cuppa and marvel at what these individuals have created. Talk about a kick up the bum…

Attend galleries and exhibitions 

It’s a free, or at least very cheap, day out and you get to see work by people at the tip-top of their game. Not to mention art galleries always have the best cafes and gift shops. I defy anyone to spend a day at the V&A or the Tate Modern and not feel marginally more inspired. 

Keep a little notebook on you

It’s always useful to jot down ideas as and when you have them, otherwise you’re likely to forget those lil golden nuggets of inspiration. When you get into a habit of writing things down, you’ll soon build up a backlog of ideas. So when you’re struggling to think of something to write/create, you can just flick through your notebook and pick a topic! You will thank past-you who had a brainwave on a train to Manchester that time, trust me. 

Josephine x


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