Interior Bits and Pieces

Is there anything better than being curled up on the sofa and flicking through magazines for interior inspiration?

“Yes, Jo. What are you, 22 going on 45? Shouldn’t you be outside, enjoying the spontaneity and irreverence of youth?”

…Fair point. 

For reals, though, there’s something deeply satisfying about scouring the net and playing the ‘what-would-I-buy-if-I-had-enough-money-for-a-swanky-house’ game. There are many different interior styles that I admire, from shabby chic to stripped-down minimalism. My current favourite, however, is a boho-inspired eclectic look.

eclectic 5
Source: Mail Online on Pinterest
eclectic 1
Source: Live Laugh Rowe on Pinterest
eclectic 2
Source: The Jungalow on Pinterest

I really enjoy the purposefully ‘thrown together’ look. Although it looks deceptively easy, it requires an instinctive eye for detail as well as the willingness to rifle through umpteen antique shops and flea markets to gather eclectic bits and pieces. It’s a lot like clashing fashion; it sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it very much does. 

I compiled my own selection of pieces which would create a cosy Moroccan-inspired ambience (because what better way to torture yourself about not having your own place, eh). Warm colours, layered textiles and decorative accessories are key.

electic set

Josephine x 


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