Instagram Favourites

Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is by far my favourite. I probably spend an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through every fashion/beauty/lifestyle Insta page under the sun but hey, pretty images are good for the soul. 

It’s a fantastic platform for creativity and I’ve used it like a visual diary since 2013. Below are some of my favourite shots from my profile! (Also, I promise my life is nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing and continental as these photos suggest…most of them were taken on my study year abroad in 2014!) 

(From top left to right) 

 1) A ~candid~ shot of my friend Tania in Berlin. She was prepping herself and I snapped this before she had time to look up. It ended up being the best pic of the bunch!

2) A rosy Brothers Grimm-esque doorway in Basel, Switzerland

3) Aaaaah Viennaaaaa

4) The cutest scooter in Konstanz, Germany

5) Sweet treats in Hampstead, London 

6) Opulent slippers and the Dolce and Gabbana flagship, Milan

7) ‘Southside’ festival in Germany – my first ever festival experience!

8) The Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge

9) The Duomo, Milan

10) A fancy car in Basel, Switzerland

11) A beautiful view of Salzburg

12) Graffiti in Oranienstrasse, Berlin

13) A charming side street in Zurich

14) A brunch fit for a queen in Trastevere, Rome

15) A selection of flowers in the most impressive location so far…ALDI! 

16) A city that looks like the setting for a Disney classic…Strasbourg, France

17) A village near Rome 

18) A beautiful flutterby at Chester Zoo! 

19) Bottega, Cheshire. One of Vogue’s ‘Top 100 Boutiques Outside London’

20) My eyes were bigger than my stomach…

21) A cheeky lil flatlay of some of my favourite beauty products 

22) Tower Bridge on a crisp January afternoon

23) The bloomin’ gorgeous flower display outside Liberty, London 

24) Me! Wearing a rather dashing burgundy hat in front of the East Side Gallery (I know, I know…2edgy4u). Photo courtesy of the aforementioned Tania!

Josephine x


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