Fashion Shoot Inspiration: Paper Moon Photography

Not too long ago I came across a beautiful photographic tradition from the early 1900s. This tradition was getting your photograph taken (typically at a fairground) whilst lounging on a giant novelty ‘paper moon’. There isn’t much information about how this phenomenon came to be, although the famous turn of the century silent film ‘Voyage dans la lune’ was most likely a source of inspiration.

paper moon 11

paper moon 4

There’s something so dreamy and ethereal about these photographs and they got me thinking about props used in fashion shoots. How amazing would a 1920s paper moon inspired shoot be? Picture this: Tim Walker is the photographer (the fashion world’s king of theatrical, dreamlike imagery). The models lounge on gigantic, luminous moons and are dressed in sumptuous gowns in a glacial palette of colours. The material cascades over the edge of the props. Stars hang above and around them, twinkling under the spotlight. The title of the editorial: La Luna (maybe?). 
Much to my disappointment,  I am not responsible for the content of a fashion publication so this idea cannot come to fruition any time soon. Until then, here’s some inspiration:
space space space
paper moon 5
Image source: Tumblr
paper moon 6
Galliano for Dior
paper moon 8
paper moon 7
Galliano for Dior 
Josephine x 

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